Group Therapy for alcohol and drug addictionRecovery Road, a drug addiction & alcohol dependence outpatient program in Ft. Lauderdale is available at Stony Brook Counseling Center.

Recovery Road is a six-week, evening, intensive outpatient program that focuses on the treatment of drug addiction, alcohol dependence, alcoholism, chemical dependence and co-occurring mood disorders. Our program is designed to offer a treatment alternative to individuals needing help for the disease of addiction without it interfering with jobs, families or other day time commitments.

Clients engage in group therapy at our Ft. Lauderdale office three nights per week from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM for six weeks. Once having completed IOP clients are encouraged to engage in our continuing care group which meets once a week in order to enhance their foundation in early recovery.

The mission of Recovery Road is to help promote the potential for emotional and spiritual healing as a result of the maintenance of abstinence from mood and mind altering substances.

The Intensive Outpatient Program consists of three components:

Psycho Educational
  • disease concept of chemical dependency
  • co-occurring disorders
  • personality traits
  • defense mechanisms
  • stress management
  • spiritual and emotional wellness
Family Involvement
  • codependency and ACOA issues
  • communication skills
  • boundaries
  • family roles
  • family recovery process


Relapse Prevention
  • post acute withdrawal
  • identify relapse patterns and process and warning signs
  • mistaken attitudes and beliefs
  • developing a relapse prevention plan
  • incorporating 12 step program into recovery foundation

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The benefits of our program are:

  • Emotional and spiritual healing
  • Self-awareness and insight
  • Positive behavioral changes for both the client and significant others
  • The development of a sober support system through active involvement in self-help groups and sponsorship.


It’s important to note that the staff of Stony Brook’s Outpatient Recovery Program is highly skilled and has many years of experience in the field of addiction.  Because of their expertise, the staff also specializes in treating the often complex and challenging dual-diagnosed client.

Remember, recovery and change are part of a life long journey.  That journey begins with awareness, acceptance and taking the necessary steps to improve and enhance the quality of life, one day at a time.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from getting involved with Recovery Road, please call Carol Gwaltney at Stony Brook, 954-746-5667.  Or, you can e-mail Carol.