John Molinari Therapist and founder of Stony Brook Counseling Center in Ft. LauderdaleWith a variety of counseling centers to choose from, why pick Stony Brook? After all, there are many talented clinicians out there, many successful practices, so what sets us apart? At the risk of sounding prejudice, I believe the caliber of clinical skills our clinicians possess, are second to none. Some have even taught and presented internationally. I believe though, what truly set us apart is the character, integrity, dedication and loyalty of the staff. Let me explain.

My name is John Molinari and I am the founder of Stony Brook Counseling Center. We’ve been serving the community for the past 25 years. ln 201-3, I was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given L-3 months to live. As you can imagine, that didn’t leave me much time to get my affairs in order. I had to move to Texas to get a stem- cell transplant, and had to step out of the business for a year. However, this is n-ot the crux of the story. I was so fortunate and grateful to my entire staff, led by our office manager, who continued to run the business in my absence, and continued to serve the community. Out of an entire staff of twelve, nobody left. This was an amazing thing they did. After all, their own careers were in jeopardy and it would have been understandable if they left for another practice, but no one did. You don’t find this kind of character, loyalty, compassion, and dedication too”often in life. Actually, it’s quite rare.

So back to the original question, why Stony Brook? lf you find yourself in the position of considering therapy and seeking help for yourself, marriage, or children, you want to make the best informed decision you can as who to choose. You may want to put your faith and trust in the hands of people who will show you the type of dedication, compassion, and integrity our staff possess.

Talent alone is not enough. Character matters.


John Molinari, L.C.S.W,
Stony Brook

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